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Cleaning services


1. We are ready to ensure spotlessness together with mannerly service and flexibility in adjusting our scope of work to Clients’ requirements,

2. We undertake to choose carefully people whom we will employ to make services specified in a contract, to provide on-going and strict supervision of their work as well as to ensure confidentiality of any classified information about Client’s company.

3. We assume responsibility for the property entrusted to us. We insured our services in the scope of civil delict liability and contractual liability for the benefit of our Clients. Our policy covers all potential losses borne by our Clients up to the guaranteed amount of PLN 500,000. It is worth stressing that we have never used that policy yet.

4. If you decide to sign a contract with us you will get the full range of professional cleaning services carried out by one company. We accomplish all special tasks on our own account – without subcontractors – guaranteeing highest quality and responsibility for the property entrusted to us.

5. Work will be done by our reliable, trustworthy employees, always the same people whose qualifications were already checked in other objects. They will wear nice, uniform overalls and will be equipped with professional cleaning equipment of renowned brands.

6. We use professional equipment and effective, biodegradable chemicals produced by leading European manufacturers. Chemicals we use are highly efficient and have a nice, lasting smell.

7. Our organizational structure ensures supervision of work performed by our employees.

8. Our means of communication enable us to be in constant touch with Clients.


1.Windows and elevations cleaning

We clean all types of windows and elevations. Cleaning of not easily accessible places and height work is done by a specialized group of employees with mountain-climbing licences. We use effective chemicals and special equipment, such as: basket and scissors elevators or movable scaffolding that makes it possible to clean windows from within without entering the building.

2.Carpet cleaning

Depending on the type and dirtiness of carpeting we use different methods of cleaning: shampoo cleaning with dry foam (technology and machines of the Swiss company Taski), water cleaning, extract cleaning, powder cleaning.
We are aware of the fact that correct maintenance influences the aesthetics, protects utility characteristics of the carpeting and lengthens
the period of utilization.

3.Maschine cleaning of floors

Removal of all types of stains on floors with the use of professional cleaning machines and effective biodegradable compounds chosen especially for a given type of surface.

4.Protective layers /impregnation/ maintenance

The beauty of floors made of natural stone (marble or granite), which can be seen most often in representative places can be exposed thanks to our complementary system of daily cleaning and periodical maintenance. Marble floors, which are most susceptible to destruction, are additionally protected by means of crystallization or application of antislip polymer layers.

5.Electronic office equipment cleaning

We have developed and tested in practice the system of cleaning and maintenance of electronic office equipment. Detailed description of specific
tasks and technology of work can be delivered to your computer specialists
for approval in the form of a concise report.

6.Intervention tasks

We have a group of easily available employees, thanks to whom we are always ready to carry out services such as reorganization of working stations, small technical tasks etc.

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